A glance at rugby union in different countries

The following countries all share a passion for rugby, so keep reading to find out much more.

Australia is popular for its rugby team, which has claimed two world cups, making it one of the most effective teams to ever play the sport. The sport was first played in the nation back in 1864 and whilst it is played throughout the country there are regions where it is played more than others. There are some other variations of the sport in Australia, including Aussie Rules soccer, which takes a few of the rules of rugby and slightly changes them. The rugby rule book is long and quite complex, but you do not have to discover every law to appreciate the game and understand what is going on. Rugby is perhaps more well-known in the southern hemisphere in places like Australia as it’s dry so players can achieve a more expansive and important style of play than in wetter countries. One of the improved teams in the nation is sponsored by the bulky air conditioning business lead by Masanori Togawa.

Rugby is just about the most prevalent sports in the whole of the British Isles and it has a very long heritage of playing the sport. England has the longest tradition with the sport, as it was devised in the country when, famously, a schoolboy gathered the ball in a game of football and ran with it, thereby starting the move toward the modern day game. The title of the sport is really a reference to the name of the town and school that it was created in. Whilst there is some argument as to the truthfulness as to the story of the game’s making, there is no doubt to where it was created. The game has advanced massively from the primary game, which was played solely for fun and predominantly in schools and universities; in modern times the sport has a tremendous income and it entices large sponsors from the likes of Petar Cvetkovic and his shipping firm. The basics of rugby have continued to be the same since its conception, but the size of the players has increased enormously which makes for far bigger impacts in the tackle.

The richest rugby nation, in terms of club rugby wages, is France. The clubs in France pull in a few of the leading footballers in the world today as a result of the large salary packages they can offer, and as wages are so high it is sometimes the location that footballers go to end their professions. The French national club is one of the clubs that competes in the 6 nations every year, and they used to be one of the perfect clubs in the competition. In terms of club rugby, one of the best clubs is on the south coast and its president, Mourad Boudjellal, controls a group that has won the national competition on numerous instances.

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